Toward Coherent Policies: The IRM Checklist User Experience

Abstract: How can we practically work on more coherent policies and planning, to enable integrated disaster risk management and effectively increase community resilience? This session introduces the Integrated Risk Management Law and Policy Checklist as a practical tool to analyse and improve law and policy, making use of different steps in the policy cycle. The Checklist is a structured way to assess whether Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and Nature-based Solutions are adequately addressed, and at the same time check the gender and inclusivity focus. Participants will explore the experience of the Partners for Resilience program in Indonesia in using the Checklist, run though several elements of the Checklist together, and share their experiences in working on an improved (DRR) policy environment, to gain new ideas on how to improve policies and planning.


  • Bart Weijs, CARE Nederland
  • Johan Santosa, Karina Indonesia
  • Fandi Rahman,Walhi Riau
  • Roswitha Djaro, CIS Timor

Time Slot: 10:00 - 11:15 CET

Language: English

Meeting recording: - Access Passcode: tbb0+HUf

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