Local context
Partners for Resilience in Mali targets vulnerable rural populations in Niger, Sourou and Senegal basins in the Sahelian zone. They are farmers, pastoralists and fishermen who are among the most vulnerable communities in Mali, mainly because of floods and droughts.

Droughts and floods have increased in frequency and magnitude and are therefore a growing threat to Mali's economic development and human lives and livelihoods. Climate change and environmental degradation have been identified as the main causes of increased disaster risks.

PfR Mali mainly focusses on engaging in dialogues with a wide variety of stakeholders in order to build awareness and ensure adequate measures that result in reducing the vulnerability of communities to these disaster risks.

The programme
The overall goal of the programme is to make vulnerable fishers, herders and farmers living in the wetlands of the Niger, Sourou and Senegal basins more resilient to crises in the context of climate change and environmental degradation and to enable sustainable inclusive economic growth and preservation of ecosystems.

They will therefore focus on the following three objectives:

1) Promote the rational and equitable management of water resources that safeguard vulnerable groups, including fishermen, against the risks of natural disasters and the effects of irrigation schemes, by maintaining ecosystem services of wetlands in river basins.

2) Contribute to the development of local policies and mechanisms that secure access to land for vulnerable groups (livestock breeders, fishermen, women, youth) and strategic spaces in times of drought and flood crisis (refuge sites, fisheries, corridors and Pastures).

3) Improving the National Strategy for Risk Reduction and Disaster Reduction (SNRRC) through the introduction of Integrated Risk Management (IRM).

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