The future of lobbying for IRM during the Decade of Action: How we pursue our message for local action via the different global frameworks


Global frameworks (Sendai, Paris Agreement, SDGs, New Urban Agenda) impact on national and local legislation, planning and budgeting. For community resilience we have amplified our messages through each of them, finding common ground and making the voice of local communities heard.

In this session we will briefly revisit the global frameworks, and highlight key achievements in reinforcing multi-stakeholder collaboration, notably at global meetings for which we collaborated with local partners and sought to integrate their knowledge and insights. We will share examples of what we’ve done in the various trajectories, and describe the contexts in which we have been operating. Subsequently we will share & discuss together our ideas (and concerns) as well as recommendations for the way forward on how Integrated Risk Management should be central in the Decade of Action to strengthen community resilience of the most vulnerable people.


  • Moderator: Thandie Mwape 
  • SDGs: Raimond Duijsens and Nouhoum Maiga
  • Paris Climate Agreement: Carina Bachofen and Shaban Mawanda
  • Sendai Framework for DRR: Jeroen Jurriens
  • New Urban Agenda: Kim Ogonda and Yohan Rahmat Santosa

Time Slot: 14:30 - 15:45 CET

Language: English

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