PAST AND THE FUTURE: Envisioning Resilience Beyond 2030 with PfR Philippines and Resilience Frontiers


Ten years ago, the PfR global network of about 50 civil society organizations and their networks came together to strengthen people’s resilience in the face of rising disaster risks. Together with the rest of the global network, PfR Philippines envisioned resilient families and communities by integrating ecosystems and climate change into disaster risk reduction – or through Integrated Risk Management –  that enabled communities to withstand shocks from natural hazards and sustain development by securing or transforming their livelihoods. 

After a decade of sustained support at the community level complemented by strong policy advocacy work, communities and governments are now stronger to face evolving risks due to climate extremes. But will they be ready for risks beyond 2020… beyond 2030?  Can our learnings from PfR’s decade-long work help us identify opportunities to aspire and dream together on what resilience will look like beyond 2030?   

In 2019, a multi-agency initiative - Resilience Frontiers - was launched at UNFCCC, underpinned by hope for a better world and a future which will harness the power of frontier technologies to implement solutions that will move us away from the old paradigm and make way for the envisaged resilient future. In so doing, it also gives direction, through storylines associated with its eight pathways, for using frontier technologies to optimize global wellbeing.

This session will bring learnings from PfR Philippines’ past to RF’s future and have a discussion of our vision (and actions) towards becoming resilient and permanently sustainable in 10, 20 years from now.


  • Sindhy Obias - Executive Director, ACCORD
  • Shermon Cruz - Chief Futurist and Executive Director Center for Engaged Foresight
  • Donna Mitzi Lagdameo, Senior Policy Adviser and Asia Pacific Focal Point of Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre


  • Jessica Bercilla - Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Time Slot: 8:30 - 9:45 CET

Language: English

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