06/01/2021 - Five years Dialogue & Dissent

After five years, the Dialogue & Dissent programme, supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has come to an end. PfR is proud to have contributed to this innovative programme. PfR has strengthened local capacities for lobby & advocacy for fair, inclusive climate policies and plans, ensuring people affected most by disasters and climate change are supported in their climate adapation and disaster risk reduction plans.

In January 2016, the Dialogue & Dissent programme started with 25 strategic partnerships and three funds working in over 60 countries with a clear purpose. Five years later all these partnerships collaboratively strengthened civil society’s capacities to represent the rights and needs of citizens worldwide, built regional and international networks of change makers, and made bigger and smaller steps towards inclusive and sustainable development.

To celebrate successes achieved and capture the richness and diversity of Dialogue & Dissent, the Ministry shared the Dialogue & Dissent e-magazine that brings together efforts, results, challenges and lessons learnt of all the programmes involved under Dialogue & Dissent.

In line with the partnership mantra, this document has been a shared effort: It not only shares stories of change and perspectives of partner organisations, it also contains a powerful message from the Director-General International Cooperation, Kitty van der Heijden, who sheds light on the role of civil society in international development and underlines that its relevance further increased due to the restrictive trends curtailing civic space. At the end of the magazine, Jeroen Kelderhuis, Head of the Civil Society and Education Division, reflects on lessons for the future programmes and collaboration between civil society and the Ministry.

PfR's contribution to this e-magazine can be found on pages 51-52.

Interested to learn more on PfR's work under the Dialogue & Dissent programme? More information can be found in PfR's recently published Flagship Report: "Local Action, Global Ambition".





  • Dialogue and Dissent Strengthening the capacity of civil society to engage in dialogues with stakeholders for improved disaster risk reduction policies, practices, and investments.
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  • Up-scaling Eco-DRR Increasing communities resilience and reducing disaster risks through ecosystem-based solutions.
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