02/12/2020 - PfR's external newsletter is out! Celebrating 10 years of PfR

This newsletter comes at a time that COVID-19 keeps continuing to disrupt the world. Meanwhile, 2020 is well underway to become another year of devastating typhoons, hurricanes, locust invasions and droughts, affecting especially the most vulnerable communities – on top of a global pandemic. COVID-19 shows how interconnected our world is, and no single event can be seen or explained in isolation. This enlarges the complexity, while also provides opportunities to change from ‘business as usual’ to ‘building back better’.
This connectivity, with inspiring examples of change, was among others displayed at the PfR Global Conference on November 11th and 12th, where PfR celebrated ten years of working together. 150+ participants from all over the world connected and joined 25 sessions of ‘Passing the Baton’ - a show of force of strengthened capacities and local leadership across partners and countries. The diversity of subjects is a testimony to the impact made: from local action to national policy, from inclusion to climate adaptation, from ecosystem restoration to conflict resolution.

We have lived up to ‘Passing the Baton’ as illustrated through this video. More importantly, we will continue to let this theme inspire us. Passing on knowledge, skills, experiences, lessons learned and partnerships. Partners for Resilience has never been just a programme; it continues as a vision.
This newsletter is full of new achievements and exciting media. Too much to name, but please pay special attention to the excellent videos and evidence created over the past months, e.g. the animation explaining the integrated risk management approach, the flagship report Local Action, Global Ambition,  and the Now You Hear Us videos.
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Happy reading and stay healthy!
Maren Striker, Global Coordinator Partners for Resilience




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