14/07/2020 - PfR's newsletter: together for a greener, more inclusive and climate resilient post-COVID world

COVID awareness raising campaign India. Credit: India Red Cross

This third PfR newsletter comes in the midst of challenging times. For several months now the world has been dealing with one of the worst crises of our times - and one which severely impacts the poorest and most vulnerable. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced us to take unprecedented measures, but also to critically reflect on the way we work, live, interact with nature, and on the overarching global emergency that is climate change. The links between ecosystems and disaster risks, and the need for early, collective action, for coherent policies and for nature-based approaches and solutions have never been clearer than today. Whilst we have redirected some of our efforts towards responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, we strongly believe that the ongoing work to strengthen communities’ resilience must be continued as much as possible.

We are relentlessly thinking of innovative approaches and creative ways to adapt to the current challenging conditions without harming the communities that we seek to support.

The upcoming months will require forward thinking from each of us in order to work together for a greener, more inclusive and climate resilient post-COVID world. This crisis moment is an opportunity to rethink our response models, our relationship between people and planet and reshape our approach to risk management with special attention being paid to vulnerable groups. This period also represents an important time for reflection for PfR, as December will mark the end of the second phase of our programme.

In this newsletter, we will show you the relevance of our work in the most vulnerable communities to reduce disaster risks, supporting people to become resilient and ensuring that their voices are being heard. Discover it through the stories from for example Kenya and South Sudan, and find links to new films, a Podcast on the COVID-19 impact, a PfR photo exhibition "Faces of Resilience" and new resources.

We invite you to subscribe to this newsletter, and in doing so, support us to expand the network of change-makers. Happy reading!




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