09/07/2020 - PODCAST #1 Every day counts during COVID-19

Podcast by Partners for Resilience/ Harro Brouwer.

Picture credit: SEEDS India and Caritas India

During the COVID-19 crisis every day counts for the most vulnerable. In this new Podcast we like to draw your attention to the voice of ordinary people in various communities around the world: from Philippines to Ethiopia, from South-Sudan to India. Thelockdown in many places has led to increasing vulnerabilities to people who are already living in difficult situations. These few voices speak for millions.

Partners for Resilience · PODCAST - #1 Every day counts during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is showing us how important improving the resilience of vulnerable people is and how affected local communities need support. Support from local and national governments, but also from the international community. Please listen to the stories of the people and the effect the COVID-19 crisis has on their daily lives.




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