18/05/2017 - Meet Partners for Resilience in Cancun


Theme  I  Global Ambitions, local work  I  A climate change adaptation and ecosystem management focus. 
Tuesday 23 May 2017, 17.00-19.00. Venue: Moon Palace Resort, Room: Sunrise 9

Abstract  I  During this event we will present experiences from the global, national and local levels to strengthen community resilience. The emphasis will be on holistic approaches to manage risks across policy areas, taking into account climate change and the role of eco-systems in Disaster Risk Reduction. More info here

SIDE EVENT: PEDRR, Swiss NGO DRR Platform, and PfR. 
Theme  I 
A fundamental shift in DRR: integrating ecosystem-based solutions with climate and development dimensions. 
Wednesday, 24 May 2017, 13.30-14.25, Venue: Sunrise 10

Abstract  I  Disaster risks can be reduced if ecosystem-based solutions are integrated into DRR, climate change adaptation and sustainable development planning. A full understanding of root causes to risk across the landscape and how we manage land and water resources is central to sustainability and 
resilience. Ecosystems globally are under pressure. We need initiatives that can transform whole landscapes into safer and more prosperous environments. The Sendai Framework recognizes this fundamental shift, but what does it take to speed up implementation on the ground? We will share promising examples and identify different components of a forward-looking plan. More info here

SIDE EVENT: African Union Commission & PfR. 
Theme  I  Mitigation of, Response to, and Recovery from El Nino: Is Africa Learning from past Disasters? 
Wednesday, 24 May 2017, 13.30-14.25. Venue: EXPO 4

Abstract I The impact of the 2015/16 El Niño, amplified by climate change, was far-reaching and led to extensive drought in eastern and southern Africa, exposing more than 60 million people to food insecurity and a disruption of markets, water and sanitation, education, health, infrastructure, peace and security, and social cohesion. There is no lack of lessons on what needs to be done for Africa to strengthen its ability to cope with climate-change related risks. There is convincing scientific evidence that such extreme and intense climate events are likely to repeat with obvious humanitarian impacts in most regions of Africa, there is compelling need for Africa to use lessons from past disasters to strengthen its future preparedness, response and recovery efforts. This interactive side-event will explore how to mainstream humanitarian responses to long-term resilience of communities and enhance knowledge on effective mitigation, response and recovery policies and best practices. More info here




  • Dialogue and Dissent Strengthening the capacity of civil society to engage in dialogues with stakeholders for improved disaster risk reduction policies, practices, and investments.
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  • Up-scaling Eco-DRR Increasing communities resilience and reducing disaster risks through ecosystem-based solutions.
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