06/01/2020 - Stories of resilience in PfR's newsletter

This second PfR newsletter comes at the end of a year of unprecedented public and political attention towards the climate and environmental crisis. Disasters are on the rise, and in 2019 we have observed the impact of a changing climate and the degradation of eco-systems. From enormous fires in the Amazon, California and Australia; to devastating tropical storms in Mozambique, India and Japan; and deadly heatwaves in Europe and Russia, just to mention a few examples.

The urgency for climate action is felt globally. Especially young people are raising their voices and are expressing concerns for their future. People in the streets are calling for action and raised ambition in the many climate strikes organised around the world.An additional concern is to reach out to those people most at risk, whose voices often go unheard, people who are already vulnerable due to the conditions, places, or political context in which they live. Inclusion of the most vulnerable should be central to all climate action plans.

However, there are also solutions! People find ways to adapt. Watch this short movie about people that find ways to live with new realities: "They bend, they do not break".

In this newsletter, we hope to inspire you by sharing stories of civil society organisations, knowledge institutes and policy makers who work together with the most vulnerable communities in reducing disaster risks, in becoming resilient and in making sure that their voices are being heard.We invite you to subscribe to this newsletter, and in doing so, support us to expand the network of change-makers.




  • Dialogue and Dissent Strengthening the capacity of civil society to engage in dialogues with stakeholders for improved disaster risk reduction policies, practices, and investments.
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  • Up-scaling Eco-DRR Increasing communities resilience and reducing disaster risks through ecosystem-based solutions.
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