21/03/2021 - Urban Action Kit

This article/ the Urban Action Kit was published earlier by the Climate Centre and the Global Disaster Preparedness Centre

As the world becomes increasingly urban, our cities are more stressed than ever with challenges such as climate change and the global pandemic, exacerbating existing inequalities and stressing infrastructure.

Urban Action Kit

Supporting local actors to undertake urban resilience activities in their urban communities can be a powerful way to build social cohesion, improve livelihoods, and make cities more livable. The Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre and partners, under the Partners for Resilience programme, have developed an Urban Action Kit to do just this. Activities in the Kit require little to no funding, are short engagements, and utilize existing networks and skills.

The Urban Action Kit is a quick start, low-cost, do-it-yourself guide to urban resilience


The Kit was developed by

The Urban Action Kit contains a light Introduction to Urban Concepts, followed by a series of six (6) modules on:

  1. Urban Agriculture
  2. Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  3. Nature-Based Solutions
  4. Liveable Cities
  5. Early Warning Early Action
  6. Creative Communications

Designed for wide-spread access

The Kit can be accessed in two formats, as activity cards or as a booklet, and is available in several languages. Join the network of cities catalyzing local action to strengthen resilience. The kit is accompanied by a set of videos, one for each module. You can find all videos here.

Click the links below to download the Urban Action Kit today!

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